Business management solutions

About qubac


Hello, you will find the latest information about QUBAC on this page. QUBAC is constantly evolving and growing within the current business and political environments. We provide a multitude of business management services. Our mission is to provide the best business management solutions that uniquely helps every one of our clients. QUBAC offers three levels of busines management services. A Specialist, who's focus is to stay up to the minute on business affairs. Next, an Attorney who stays up to the minute, on the legal business and the political arena aspects of the ever changing business management environments. Also Ph.Ds, within the field of business and economics, also we have access to a person who holds a Ph.D in Strategy, for the really hard cases. If you want to contact us, please fill the contact form on our website. Thank you for your valuable time, and please you have a healthy and productive day! 

Price list of business management fees

  1. $100 per hour for a Specialist
  2. $200 per hour for a Attorney
  3. $300 per hour for a Ph.D
  4. 35% discount to small disadvantaged Native American and Americanized African businesses, stemming from a grant from an anonymous concerned donor.